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Career with a doctoral degree in management

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  • Posted by Yeldar on 11.12.23 6:10pm

    some DBA programs lack state accreditation (In France, Netherlands, Czechia, etc.). What makes other people think of them like Doctorate, as they are not accredited at all, being a bunch of courses from renown university? How can they even call themselves doctors if what they finished was never an accredited program? Is EQUIS/AACSB accreditation so strong to substitute that state accreditation? They don’t even accredit specifically a doctorate; they do accredit the entire school. So, AMBA is the only one of top 3 accreditations which can specifically accredit DBA. Does it really count as accreditation?

    • Posted by thomas.graf on 18.12.23 11:55am

      Hi there,

      you raise and important question. How can the value of a professional doctorate be assessed? I would add "from whose perspective?".

      From the German state's perspective, you can only hold the "Dr." title in front of your name if the program is state-accredited (whether the school has an international accreditation from EQUIS, AMBA or AACSB or not).

      From a university's perspective that may consider the DBA-graduate as an external professor (who just teaches from time to time), the state-accreditation may be irrelevant and maybe even the AMBA, EQUIS, or AACSB accreditation. They may only see the candidate's professional experience as relevant plus the fact that he/she has research experience (documented by a DBA).

      From a university's perspective that may consider the DBA-graduate as a potential new member of the faculty, the state-accreditation may be key, however (e.g. in Germany).

      From the perspective of an employer, who considers enrolling the DBA-graduate for a management position, the state-accreditation (and maybe also the AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA accreditation) may be irrelevant or not: It may be irrelevant if the professional experience is considered as most important. It may not be irrelevant if having the Dr.-title plays an important role in the company culture.

      So, overall the importance of a state accreditation (or AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA accreditation) depends on the perspective FOR WHOM.

      By the way, the AMBA is not so different as EQUIS and AACSB as it accredits every program of the business school and, hence, the whole business school.

      Best wishes,

      FOUNDER of the DBA Compass

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