Career with a doctoral degree in management
  • Posted by Walid Ali on 07/14/19 11:09am

    Dear Sirs,

    I am enthusiastic in making a PhD in Risk Management for advancing a professional career in consultation and training in particular.

    So, could you please advice on a DBA program or a pathway that could satisfy my goal about getting the best available professional doctorate in risk management?

    Thank you very much for your attention

    Walid Ali

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 07/15/19 11:06am

    Hi there,

    thank you for your question. We cannot provide individual recommendations but we suggest a general approach to identify quality DBA programs. Please check our article on [How to identify quality DBA programs?](

    So far for the general approach. Next, in terms of risk management, the key will be the professors. You need a supervisor of your dissertation, who is publishing in risk management. Consequently, you need to find a DBA program at an institution with at least one professor, who publishes in risk management.

    Spontaneously, I have to think of m yown professor Luis Gomez-Mejia, who teaches at the W. P. Carey School of Business but also occasionally at IE Business School.

    But apart from him, identifying the professor-dba-combination will be your key to risk management. Clearly, this requires some investigation work on your side but eventually it will increase the chance of finding a satisfactory DBA program.

    Best wishes,

    By [Thomas Graf](
    Author of the [MIM eBook](