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  • Posted by Amidou on 09/24/14 11:54am


    I would like to undertake a DBA Programme.
    I shortlisted the Strathclyde Business School DBA Programme and would like to know if it is well recognized?
    It is a triple accredited Business School (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS). I checked that on their website.
    The part time tuition for EU students is 1,998 pounds and 3,996 for international student. I find it very affordable comparing with the others triple accredited programme.

    Do you know more about this programme?
    Do you know other worldwide affordable DBA programmes with triple accreditation and well recognized?

    Thank you for your help.


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 09/24/14 1:31pm

      Hi Amidou,

      thank you for your question. If a school has one of the three internationally recognized business school accreditations AACSB, EQUIS, or AMBA it is a good sign. This means that the school's programs fulfill international standards of management education. It also means that the school has teaching experience as such accreditations are granted only after several years of "being in business".

      It does not mean automatically, however, that this school and its Doctor of Business Administration program is what you search for. You mentioned an important aspect: the costs. Strathclyde seems to charge you an affordable amount of money, so you will be fine.

      Another aspect is: How well are you supported during the program? Given that research is a lonely experience and that you have your business job, such an individual support during your DBA studies can be important. I would contact the school, ask them openly about this and also talk to current students or alumni (ask the school to bring you in contact).

      Finally, you may want to consider if you reach your goals with that program. If you want to impress your employer, you may want to find out if he knows about Strathclyde. If it's just about the title, the institution's reputatoin may be less important though. If you plan to teahc at a university later on, you may also want to talk to your future institution and ask if they would hire you with the Strathclyde degree.

      You will need to do the research on other schools by yourself but my platform should make it easy for you to find out programs with accreditations. Just check my article here. As for the tuition fees, just visit the websites.

      Best wishes,

      By Thomas Graf
      Founder DBA Compass
      Author of the DBA Survey

    • Posted by Amidou on 09/24/14 3:06pm

      Hi Thomas,

      Thank you very for your help. Don't hesitate if you get further information with this business school. It will be very important to me.
      I would like to confirm my decision very soon.
      see you and congratulations for your forum and your DBA website.



    • Posted by mmansouri on 10/23/16 5:20pm

      Hello there ..
      it seemed this is too late for me to reply..

      actually am currently doing my DBA - 2nd year on Strathclyde business school, and so far i didnt regret any singly effort i put on this in term of time, effort, and is really worth it

      i am wondering , did you went a head with it , or not..