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ISM - International School of Management

Studying at the ISM - International School of Management

The International School of Management (ISM) is a specialized, accredited business school based in Paris, France, with programs on five different continents.

We give students the global perspective they need to thrive as modern business leaders. We do this by keeping our classes small, select and culturally diverse, and by offering programs in major commercial hubs around the world.

Our IMBA develops the global business leaders of tomorrow, while our DBA is made for experienced executives seeking to tackle the challenges of senior leadership on an international level. For proven senior practitioners, our PhD hones the teaching and research skills needed to give back to the business community and shape the next generation of leaders.

Built on global values

Our founder Jack Forget opened ISM to challenge the traditional business school model.

His vision was for an outward-looking school that champions innovation and new ways of teaching. It would be a truly global institution, with partnerships in emerging markets around the world. Students from all continents would learn from professors of the highest grade, and build a valuable professional network while they study.

The ISM of today retains the strength and agility of this founding philosophy. Still headquartered in Paris, we now have partner institutions in New York, Shanghai, New Delhi, São Paulo and Cape Town. We continue to give students the niche skills, global perspective and lifetime contacts they need to flourish as leaders.

Grounded in real-world practice

Our students are ambitious. They’re driven to reach the top. So while a solid base of theoretical knowledge is important, actionable insight and experience is essential.

We select our professors for both their teaching excellence and their on-the-ground business acumen. When they’re not at ISM, they can be found leading companies, teaching at top business schools around the world, and influencing the direction of international business practice.

Our small, interactive classes enable close-up access to our professors’ expertise. And because our students are experienced professionals in their own right, they have the chance to share original insight and inform what happens in the classroom.

Made for working executives

ISM students are high-level executives with demanding schedules. Their time is a precious resource, and they need their studies to fit around their career and lifestyle.

This need for flexibility inspires everything we offer. Students can combine face-to-face courses in Paris with e-learning, and attend overseas programs at one of our five partner institutions around the world.

We also let students customize their studies and focus on what matters most to their career. Depending which degree they choose, they can follow a generalist pathway in international business management, or specialize in finance, entrepreneurship and innovation, or higher education.

A lasting professional network

For our students, the benefits of studying at ISM continue far beyond graduation day.

The classmates and professors they meet during their time at the school form a lifetime professional network, with ideas, support and opportunities that transcend business sectors and geographical boundaries.

Your Contact at the ISM - International School of Management

Alison Knight is the Director of Recruitment and Development at ISM. You can contact her through or the REQUEST INFO Button below or at +(33) 01 45 51 09 09. She will be happy to answer your questions on the International School of Management and its doctoral programs.

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The Location

ISM believes in the importance of a global perspective and students are encouraged to take advantage of our international presence. The IMBA, DBA, and PhD programs are designed for ambitious working professionals who need flexibility and the ability to manage their time effectively. With a combination of e-learning and intensive courses held in Paris, New York, Shanghai, New Delhi, São Paulo, and Cape Town, students have many flexible learning options and the opportunity to be exposed to business practices around the world.

Paris location

Paris courses are international in scope and are taught from professors from all over the world. Our international faculty bring their ever growing expertise and personal experiences to the classroom. Courses include, but are not limited to: Advanced Corporate Strategy, Change Management, Corporate Entrepreneurial Strategies, Fast Developing Markets, Multicultural Management and Research Methods.

New York, Shanghai, New Delhi, São Paulo, and Cape Town

Courses held outside of Paris are organized into special programs held at participating institutions. These programs typically last two weeks, are designed exclusively for ISM students, and keep with the ISM experience: small class size with face-to-face interaction with professors from the host university, development of cross-cultural knowledge and competency, and flexibility in scheduling. Students have the option to study at one or several of our locations.

Financial aid

Funding Your Studies: Tuition payments are typically made in one, three, or four installments that take place in the first 1-2 years of study. Please discuss payment options during the initial admissions consultation with the Director of Recruitment. ISM works with each student to find the best payment option given individual circumstances.

Scholarship Opportunities: ISM provides both need-based and merit-based scholarships. These are awarded on a competitive basis to prospective candidates. We encourage those interested to complete the scholarship application and submit with your application package.

Why to study here

  • International locations: Based in Paris and New York, with programs hosted in leading emerging markets such as Shanghai, New Delhi, São Paulo, and Cape Town, the school’s business experience and reputation for academic excellence empower individual ambition and ability to succeed in today’s multinational environment.
  • Balance of theory and practice: ISM places a great deal of importance on balancing latest theory and academic knowledge with practical business experience and ‘on the ground’ expertise. Professors are typically active in the world of business, and with a student body coming together from a multitude of professional backgrounds, this balanced approach adds considerable value to the collaborative learning experiences that the school provides. The emphasis of the teaching is vocational and practical – and this is done in meaningful, imaginative and impactful ways that people can apply immediately to their businesses and professional lives.
  • Flexible curriculum: The International School of Management recognises that its students are people who have their own lives and their own objectives – and that these vary from person to person. In this sense, ISM is a school for people with practical ambitions, ranging from simply learning for the sake of learning, to wanting to develop specific areas of knowledge and key skills that are essential to management and leadership on the international stage.
  • Global network: With students coming from all over the world, the ISM community is an invaluable lifetime resource of personal and professional relationships, contacts and knowledge across geographical boundaries and sectors of activity.