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  • Posted by Tapas Basak on 12/17/20 8:15pm

    Hi, I am pursuing DBA from American Business Management and technology college.Zug,Switzerland.My question is post DBA if we want to go for further studies, can we go for post doctorate program after DBA?
    What are the colleges/universities offer Post doc program with DBA qualification.

    Tapas Basak

    • Posted by LoL on 11/05/21 12:58pm

      Thats not even an accredited university, nor an accredited title - you wont be eligible for postdoc anywhere with a degree mill title...

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 12/21/20 5:15pm

    Hi there,

    typically, a DBA is a professional doctorate program for people, who stay in business or teach at universities from time to time. It is not a program for postdoc or research programs. By contrast, the PhD qualifies for postdoc programs and an academic career.

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    By Thomas Graf
    Founder DBA Compass

    • Posted by Tapas Basak on 01/11/21 6:55pm

      Thanks Thomas for the information

  • Posted by Murat Özel on 12/27/20 3:51pm

    Hi everyone,

    Well, this may differ across countries, I think, so it could be better to take that into account.

    In the UK, for example, the DBA, which is a professional doctorate, is an academic "research" degree at the doctoral level (Level 8), the same level as the PhD (The "professional" distinction is in the "type of research" performed.).

    Therefore, there is nothing that could prevent a DBA holder going into post-doc research or even into a full academic career, formally, if that is what he or she wishes to do. This may not be the typical path for a DBA holder, but it is possible. There are many academics in the UK academia with professional doctorates, like the DBA, Dprof, etc. (Of course, with PhD being the most common doctorate for an academic career. )

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    Murat Özel

    • Posted by Tapas Basak on 01/11/21 6:56pm

      Thanks Murat for the information.


  • Posted by thomas.graf on 12/28/20 9:49pm

    Thank you for sharing this information, Murat!