DBA Coaching: How you find the right DBA for you!

Published: 29 August 2023 | by Thomas Graf

Are you interested in a professional doctorate in management? What's the best program for you? I support you find the program and school that matches your goals and preferences.

More than 250 options

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is the most famous management doctorate for professionals but their are PhD programs as well: more thnan 250 worldwide. How do you know what's the best for you?

What's your motivation?

DBA-students differ by their motivation to do a part-time doctorate in management. Some want the degree and the option to hold the Dr.-title. Others want to teach at business schools while others aim at climbing the career ladder within their employers' hierarchies. Some want a mix of everything. Finding out your motivation is an important precondition for finding the right program for you.

How do professionals doctorate in business administration differ?

Costs, study structure, content, duration, required travels, entry requirements, school reputation, career opportunities, support, or simply an official degree may be among the most important distinguishing factors among DBA programs. Which ones are important for you? And which of them are your top-3 criteria?

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