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  • Posted by mbriz1 on 07/01/15 12:04am

    Hi, I’m looking for an accredited part-time DBA program in US/Canada or Europe Under $60k (AACSB program preferred). Can you help with any references? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

    Buenos Aires,

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/01/15 2:37pm

      Hi there,

      well, the process is: Search for programs in my Search Engine using the respective filters (e.g., country) - and visit the websites to collect information about fees.

      As for accreditation, you find everything in my Accreditation article.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

      • Posted by Mike on 08/18/15 8:39pm

        Hello, I am pretty new to this. Hence the email as Username!! I know!!
        However, I have spent a considerable amount of time researching "Universities" and their DBA programmes. Some are valid and others seem to be valid!
        I have looked at the your' "Search for Doctor of Business Administration Programs" and they have highlighted a number of Universities. Are these, in your opinion, "valid" Institutions?
        Also, if their DBA is accredited by ACBSP, does this legally allow the successful student to use the title "Doctor"?
        Many thanks in advance, Mike

        • Posted by Thomas Graf on 08/18/15 9:34pm

          Hi Mike,

          I tell you the example of Germany. If you achieve a doctoral degree such as the DBA abroad and if you want to hold that title in Germany, the accreditation is NOT important. Instead, German authorities check if the respective degree is "official" (accepted by the state) in the respective country where the degree was obtained. If you do the DBA in Spain, for instance, then you need to check if the doctoral degree at the respective institution is official such that you are allowed to hold the doctoral title in Spain. If that's the case, German authorities accept the title as well and you can call yourself a doctor in Germany. I assume that in other countries, particularly in the EU, it is similar.

          So... if you have some DBA programs on your short list, check, first, who grants the degree (is it the institution itself or a partner university?) and, second, if the degree is official (=accepted by the state) in the country of the institution that grants the degree.

          Best wishes,

          By Thomas Graf
          Founder DBA Compass
          Author of the DBA Survey

          • Posted by Thomas Graf on 08/18/15 11:58pm

            Some more comments that may be useful.

            1. In my database you find ALL executive doctorates in management that I could find worldwide. You can find them using my Search Engine.

            2. When I say "all doctorates", I mean all programs that look like serious programs and that are not title mills. Finding such programs in my database, however, does not tell you anything about whether respective program is recommendable or not, whether it is "official" in the respective country or not etc.

            3. There are doctoral programs that are "official" and programs that are not official. "Official" means that the program and its degree are acknowledged officially (from the State) in the respective country. Hence, you can hold the title "Doctor". If a program is not official, you may not be able to hold the title "Doctor".

            4. If a program is not official, it may not necessarily mean that the program is bad or not useful. It just means that you cannot hold the title "Doctor". Until recently, for example, the DBA from IE Business School was not official. You couldn't hold the title Doctor". Given that IE is one of the most renowned business schools in Europe, however, the DBA may still have been more valuable with respect to employers than an official "Doctor" from a no-name university.

            5. To find out if a program and its degree is official or not, you need to investigate the status of an institution in the respective country. Again: The fact that a program is in my database doesn't tell you anything about whether the degree is official or not.

            Best wishes,

            By Thomas Graf
            Founder DBA Compass
            Author of the DBA Survey