IPE- Management School Paris

General questions
  • Posted by Mohammad Hashem on 12/18/18 1:45pm

    Good evening
    My name is Mohammad hashem from Syria.
    Please I want to know about IPE management school in Paris.
    is this School has authority from education ministry in France or in Europe?
    NOW in Damascus This school has " acceptance Office" and i want to subscribe in DBA Program in this School, so i fear to be this school is fake school Or Doctoral degree is not recognized in France
    I tried many times to search for ranking of this school or Accreditation but I can't t have it

    • Posted by Mohamad Abd on 04/23/19 12:25pm

      Hello Mr.Mohammad
      could you please write your email
      I would like to ask you some questions about IPE
      Thank You

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 12/27/18 8:53pm

    Hi there,

    IPE seems to be part of a Grandes École, and as such is no fake school. If the DBA is officially recognized as doctoral degree is something you must ask the IPE itself.

    What strikes me is that the IPE cooperates along the DBA with the Mantissa College in Kuala Lumpur - and Mantissa College cooperates along the DBA with the VU Switzerland, which is not an officially recognized university.

    My advice: Contact IPE and ask them (1) who grants the DBA degree and (2) if it is officially recognized as doctoral degree in France or not.

    Best regards,

    By Thomas Graf