The program created a wide-open playing field to capture the totality of our ecosystem and the impact of business, economics, and values on domestic and international society.

Brian C. Mulligan,
Institution:Pepperdine Graziadio Business School
Program:Doctor of Business Administration

What did you do before this DBA?

Dr. Brian C. Mulligan is an international executive who has held positions of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, CEO, COO, CFO, EVP, and SVP of major multinational companies, world-class advisory firms, and private equity firms. Positions held include Vice Chairman of Deutsche Bank, EVP/CFO of Seagram’s (Fortune 50 Company), Co-Chairman of Universal Pictures, COO of Universal Studios, Chairman of FOX Broadcasting and Cable, EVP/SVP of Strategic Planning, and Corporate Development for MCA INC. and Universal Studios Inc., CEO of Universal Television, Senior Executive Advisor for Boston Consulting Group and Senior Manager for Price Waterhouse. He has served on numerous boards such as IAC.

What did you experience during the program?

The program's highlight is earning a doctoral degree from a highly prestigious and ranked institution such as Pepperdine University and working with serious administration and faculty with years of academic and real-world experience who have a vast understanding of the world's challenges. Further, a well-structured and paced curriculum rooted in theory, with an overlay of business experience. They have a laser focus on the achievement of your goals. Lastly, the highlight is working with highly impressive and pedigreed cohorts who enhance your academic, professional, and personal journey.

How did you benefit from the program?

The program allowed me to transcend and substantially broaden my skills and expertise, provide a deep appreciation for areas in which I had less knowledge and understanding, and further appreciate the integrated, interrelated, and synonymic nature of the business environment and society. The program created a wide-open playing field to capture the totality of our ecosystem and the impact of business, economics, and values on domestic and international society.

The transfiguration provided a renewed deep appreciation for the true scholars that came before, the infinite dignity of the individual, truth is antifragile and must be relentlessly pursued, tolerating no excuse for mediocrity nor impostors. Further, the program journey sharpened the focus that spiritual, intellectual, or economic freedom is indivisible.

Our values of logic, reason and natural law are the paths forward for each individual to maximize their pursuit of happiness. Following such enlightened ways creates the most excellent and most egalitarian economy and society for all; based on my journey, study, and resulting program developed Contemporary Paradigm, the above should be the Core Cultural Imperative. Both personally and professionally I have incorporated the above learnings in my daily decision making which has provided clarity, more confidence in my decisions.

Why would you recommend this program to others?

Others who qualify and want to transcend their expertise, practical knowledge, and desire to enhance the business environment or develop a better understanding or solution to a problem that is sufficiently material that it creates new practical and actionable knowledge should consider enrolling. Further, a prerequisite for enrolling is a desire to be comfortable with their new knowledge being developed and challenged in a rigorous academic and business environment. The program allows qualified individuals to obtain the skills to defend against such challenges and incorporate such for the betterment of newly created knowledge.

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