Published: 7 October 2012 | by Thomas Graf

Dear all,

thank you for visiting the DBA Compass - the new and only platform that specializes on Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programs as well as doctoral degrees in management for professionals.

Doing a doctoral degree is an exciting challenge, whether it is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). Whether you pursue a career in academics or in business after your graduation - this period of your life will shape you and the new knowledge that you gathered will affect your future decisions as a professional.

Still, there seems to be confusion about what a PhD and a DBA is and where the differences are. Also, I platform clearly focussed on Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programs was missing so far. Therefore I thought it is the right time for closing that gap. 

Inspired by my other platform, the Master in Management Compass, I also include an Ask-an-Expert Forum here. This is a perfect place for all of you who have questions on doctoral programs, the application process, or the career after your PhD or DBA degree.

In addition, our goal is to make the information of this website available for as many people as possible. You can support us reaching this goal by using our Share button (at the top of this page) or - even more important - linking from other websites to the DBA Compass. For all your help we wish to thank you in advance.

Best wishes

Thomas Graf
Founder of the DBA Compass