Accreditation Doctorate in Business Accreditation

Published: 19 January 2016 | by Thomas Graf

Accreditation is one means for you to find quality programs in management education. Of course, choosing an accredited school and program gives you no guarantee that you will be satisfied with your doctorate.

But at least you can be sure that the respective institution implements internationally accepted standards in management education - and this can be very valuable, given the jungle of professional doctorates in management worldwide.

Three accreditation agencies are internationally recognized

  • The British agency AMBA accredits individual programs such as the DBA.
  • The European agency EQUIS accredits institutions as a whole - DBA programs offered by these institutions are automatically accredited as well.
  • The US-American agency AACSB also accredits instititions as a whole.

Please read our article on accreditations to find the full lists of:

  • AMBA-accredited DBA programs
  • EQUIS-accredited schools that offer DBA programs
  • AACSB-accredited schools that offer DBA programs