Obtaining a doctorate is a transformative process.

Céline Cheval-Calvel, France
Institution:Business Science Institute (BSI)
Degree:Start of the DBA: 2019

What were you doing before starting the DBA program?

I worked as a purchasing manager in the luxury sector. I had two master's degrees but I felt that I lacked the skills to deepen my profession.

Why did you choose to pursue a DBA?

I have long wanted to continue my studies on deeper reflections. The doctorate came naturally to me because it would allow me to work over a long period of time on a specific question.

Why did you choose the Business Science Institute for your DBA?

The DBA offered by the Business Science Institute was the only one at the time that allowed me to continue my activity. The flexibility of the program as well as the location (Geneva) met my constraints.

How satisfied are you with the study experience?

Engaging in a doctoral program is a priesthood in the business world. It is a transformative journey that not only elevates your professional standing but also enriches your personal growth. Obtaining a doctorate is a transformative process.

How has the DBA program helped you in retrospect?

It challenges you to push boundaries, think critically, and master advanced research methods. Also, it helps to network with academics, researchers and industry experts. These connections provide valuable opportunities for collaboration, mentoring and knowledge sharing.

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