Extremely satisfied! Though it is very challenging, it totally met my expectations.

Philippe Anhorn, Switzerland
Institution:Business Science Institute (BSI)
Degree:Start of the DBA: 2018

What were you doing before starting the DBA program?

Same job as today: CEO of a healthcare organisation in Switzerland, with a strong need of "turning my experience into knowledge".

Why did you choose to pursue a DBA?

I was entering the last decade of my professional career and felt important to be able to shift from "simply" managing to handing over, coaching, advising, teaching and proposing a strategic vision.

Why did you choose the Business Science Institute for your DBA?

I started looking for a PhD program but quickly realized it was out of reach for an executive. As I was discussing it with a professor at iaelyon School of management (who is a member of the same international association like me), she advised me to join the DBA program of Business Science Institute and became my thesis supervisor.

How satisfied are you with the study experience?

Extremely satisfied! Though it is very challenging, it totally met my expectations.

How has the DBA program helped you in retrospect?

Thank to my researches and my DBA degree, I am considered an expert in my field, invited to teach at bachelor and master level in Swiss universities in nursing sciences or continuous education in management. I am also invited to join research teams at national level.

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