I recommend this program to anyone who is ambitious and would like to go higher in their education.

Leba Sawma Awad, Lebanon
Institution:Audencia Business School
Program:DBA in Responsible Management PARIS
Degree:started DBA in 2019

Prior to the DBA, I ran my own business and I was a managing partner at my family business.

I decided to complete my DBA for several reasons. I wanted to go up a higher level in my education after receiving my MBA. Also i wanted to experience the research and education field, but at the same time be able to enhance my own business and skills. In addition, I wanted to get the title of Dr. , however my busy lifestyle did not allow me to commit to a full time doctoral program, so the DBA was perfect for me.

I graduated with a 4.0 GPA, and I was searching for a program and school that satisfies my thirst for knowledge, is a challenge to my intellect, and has the required accreditations and high rankings. With my profile i could have chosen any school, but i chose Audencia because it embodied the three attributes that i listed above, and because it was one of the few school that had such a wonderful program .

I experienced a new international chapter in my life. I got to network with amazing successful people from all over the world, also my trips to Paris helped me experience a new culture and country. They were a very enriching 3 years of my life.

During the program i learned new theories and skills that helped me throughout my research as well as my career. I gained leadership knowledge, and i gained scientific reasoning and critical thinking.

I recommend this program to anyone who is ambitious and would like to go higher in their education, as well as to step into the academic world, but at the same time strengthen their skills and professional career. It is one of the best and most affordable DBA programs. The format is part-time and it suits the busy lifestyle of an executive. The DBA changed my perspective on the professional and academic worlds.

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