Was it worth it? Absolutely!

Antonio “Tony“ Lopez, USA
Institution:Florida International University
Program:Doctorate in Business Administration

One of the greatest benefits of the program was my fellow cohort members. I was not alone in this adventure. Coming from a variety of backgrounds and professions, they expanded my network outside of my day-to-day colleagues. Additionally, this stimulated the discussions in class with varied perspectives as they were all curious in their quest for knowledge. After that first class, I realized that we would be facing the same challenges, and eventually, relationships would develop that would continue well after graduation. Ultimately, the cohort would serve as my support system throughout the program.

Yet, they were not the only ones who provided much-needed support. A world-class faculty is there to serve as an essential resource. While they are there to challenge and push you intellectually (which they did), they also will work with you to ensure that you grow and develop into a scholar. As a result, I quickly developed relationships with many of the faculty in the program. Whenever I had a question or if I needed clarification about an assignment or project, I could call on them. I found that the faculty are truly expert guides in their respective domains, and they are there to help you succeed.

The final year of the program had me focused on one task, a finished dissertation. With my assigned committee chair, we worked together to refine my study further. At the same time, the opportunities of becoming a doctoral candidate began to emerge. I had the chance to attend academic conferences to present and obtain feedback on my research. It led to many networking opportunities, both nationally and internationally, that opened doors to share my research further and collaborate with others on future projects. With this experience in hand, I was getting closer to the finish line.

As my DBA journey reached its conclusion, I reflected on who I was then and who I am now. Was it easy? No!
Was it worth it? Absolutely!

The program doesn't just grant you a degree or a title; it changes who you are and how you think about the world around you. There are many business problems out there to solve, and you leave much better equipped to solve them. I arrived as a practitioner and am leaving as an engaged practitioner-scholar embarking on a brand new journey full of opportunities.

To get there, all I had to do was "trust the process."

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