I am better able to address strategic decision-making challenges now.

Annette Templeton, USA
Institution:ISM - International School of Management
Program:Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

What did you do before this Doctor of Business Administration?

I held a global leadership position at Gallup Inc. This position involved managing consulting professionals in 26 countries. I had the responsibility of developing a set of global standards for the delivery of client services, as well as implementing a performance management approach that would motivate and reward performers across a diverse set of cultures.

Why did you decide to do this DBA?

Over the course of my experience in designing and implementing a global performance management system, I had many successes but also made my share of mistakes. These were the kinds of mistakes that go along with cross-cultural management in any global organization, primarily related to needing to find the optimal balance between centrally managed organizational standards and locally unique exceptions that honor individual countries and cultures. I sought a DBA to help deepen my perspective on such global management challenges by learning from the literature, globally experienced professors, and other international business practitioners. I also had this body of work through my experience that I felt could benefit others and I wanted to contribute to the business academic community.

Why did you choose the ISM School of Management?

ISM offered a progressive international business program in the truest sense. That is, my fellow students represent every continent so each seminar is loaded with enriching personal growth as well as professional growth. The professors are highly experienced in the international business world so the courses offer high application material. And, the flexibility of where and how I complete my coursework allows me to hold a full time executive position, yet experience a rigorous in person learning program.

What did you experience during the program?

As described above, I have experienced huge personal growth through the many impressive international students who attend ISM. I have grown professionally through the high quality, challenging, yet practical coursework. And, I have developed a broader international perspective as a business leader.

How did you benefit from the program?

I have grown a meaningful network of professional relationships through this program. I am better able to address strategic decision-making challenges with the perspective I have gained, but I also have this community of thoughtful, successful professionals from which to draw advice and brainstorm ideas.

Why would you recommend this program to others?

Every seminar offers a collection of benefits - the opportunity to deepen international business expertise, apply new knowledge to your actual day to day business challenges, attend a course in an engaging international city, and build meaningful friendships across cultures.

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