DBA Summary Report Nov 2016

Published: 4 December 2016 | by Thomas Graf

The market for professional doctorates in management changes rapidly. New programs are launched, old ones are cancelled. Sometimes, websites are offline while the programs still run. And sometimes, programs are just in a process of transition and change.

In Dec 2016, we found 198 institutions worldwide that offer executive doctorates in management such as the DBA. Most institutions with such programs can be found in Europe, followed by North America:

  • North America: 31%
  • Europe: 43%
  • Asia / Pacifics: 20%
  • Africa: 4%
  • Caribbean: 1%
  • Latin America: 1%

These 197 institutions, offer 236 professional doctorates in management or business administration - offered on a part-time base that allows managers to maintain their jobs during their studies. We count each program or program concentration here seperately as long as it has its own webpage.

  • If a school offers a DBA with several concentrations that are just mentioned altogether on one page but not listed explicitlyon their own webpages, we count them as "one program".
  • If a school has a DBA with 10 concentrations and separate webpages for each concentration, we count them as "10" programs.

Degrees granted for professional doctorates in management

  • 206 of them grant a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  • 17 grant a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  • 12 grant a Doctor in another business discipline or just with a different wording - for example, a Doctor of Management or a Doctor of Organizational Change

Regional distribution

  • 38 percent of the professional doctorates in management worldwide are offered in North America
  • 38 percent are offered in Europe
  • 18 percent are offered in Asia/Pacific
  • 4 percent are offered in Africa
  • 1 percent are offered in the Carribean
  • 1 are offered in Latin America

Program length of doctorates in busines administration

  • 51 percent of the programs can be studied in less than 3 years; in reality, the students may take longer - but the respective institutions say at least that the programs are designed such that the degree can be achieved in less than 4 years
  • 36 percent of the programs take 4 years
  • 13 percent take more than 4 years

Partnership or lincensed programs

Some institutions offer DBA programs from other universities. They provide the professors or infrastructure, for instance, and the students don't need to travel to a different country regularly where the institution is based that grants the degree.

Program organized by:

Degree granted by:

Business School Netherlands

Sheffield Hallam University

California State University, Northridge

Grenoble Ecole de Management

Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM)

University of Gloucestershire

Fudan University

Durban Business School

HSBA Hamburg

Edinburgh Napier University (DBA), Jacobs University Bremen (Ph.D.), Andrássy University Budapest (Ph.D.)

Institute of Management Technology

Grenoble Ecole de Management

Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences

University of Gloucestershire

KMU Akademie

Middlesex University

Munich Business School

Sheffield Hallam

NEOMA Business School

together with Shanghai Jiao Tong University

PHW Hochschule Wirtschaft Bern / Kalaidos University

University Gloucestershire

Reutlingen University, ISL

Portsmouth University

Strascheg Center for Entrepeneurship

Edinburgh Napier University

Universidad Centrum Catolica

Maastricht School of Management

University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf

Charles Sturt University

University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich (HWZ)

University of Southern Queensland