Standards of teaching, flexible structure, international nature and worldwide recognition.

Laurent Dorey, France
Institution:ISM - International School of Management
Program:Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Degree:current DBA student

What did you do before this Doctor of Business Administration?

Before deciding to go for further studies and do a DBA, I have led an international sales and marketing career which offered me to travel to most parts of the world, be stationed in Northern Europe for about 10 years, and work with many nationalities, cultures, individuals and businesses. More recently I have decided to settle down, back in France, and I have started my own consulting agency, aiming at helping SME/SMIs get started with export, capitalizing on my broad international, hands-on, experience, while part-time teaching management to undergraduates.

Why did you decide to do this DBA?

Doing a DBA for me aims, as well at getting a higher education, at mastering up to date and foremost management concepts and tools, while keeping an international edge in the way to benefit from it. The ISM, being an American School in Paris, with a worldwide span of students, teachers, alumni and global alliances with prestigious business schools, it offers a quite unique setup for those who want to benefit from a well-established school, enlarge their professional network while enhancing their managerial capabilities.

Why did you choose the ISM International School of Management?

The ISM’s DBA program offers me the right flexibility, as I can select precisely which modules to take, and which area to improve my skills on, at the pace which better suits me. Doing it in English, in Paris, or at home as an e-learning module, provide me with a further chance for time optimization and better organization, while broadening my scope and access to international knowledge. The ISM’s ACBSP accreditation and global locations, expand further the recognition of the DBA to the global academic world which presents with additional chances to reach broader perspectives, such as international consulting and teaching.

What did you experience during the program?

Besides demanding classes, with well-structured teachings, requiring an active participation from all, I have experienced a unique combination of a global student body composed of seasoned and well-travelled managers with commensurate experience. We have in common an eagerness to learn even more about the latest in management skills, practices and the business world we are all living in. It adds further quality to our capacity of analysis, exchanges, and reflections, as per the enriched discussions we all have during, besides and after the classes.

How did you benefit from the program?

Updating my base of references with the latest management concepts and tools, enlarges already my capabilities as a consultant and as a teacher. I can envision broader perspectives in dealing with customers’ requests, while expanding my scope of references and offers. The school’s global locations and network of alumni offer me as well to benefit from peoples, places and countries with inner views, broader contacts and perspectives, which strengthen my ability to conduct business on the world scene.

Why would you recommend this program to others?

Its standards of teaching, flexibility in choosing modules, real international nature and worldwide recognition make of this program a genuine trump card for whom is seeking to reach a global managerial level of expertise in today’s global world. I will definitely recommend it.

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