I knew that it was worth it, the moment I held my certificate with my doctor title in my hands.

Dr. Julius Bornschein, Germany
Institution:Munich Business School
Program:Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Degree:Year of enrolment: 2015

What have you done, professionally, before you started the DBA?

I grew up in a family business and started working for our company quite early. After an apprenticeship as wholesale merchant, I kept working part-time for our family business (construction material wholesale company) by implementing an online sales strategy.

Between my bachelor’s and master’s degree I worked for a consultancy company and did feasibility studies and profitability analysis in companies in Germany, Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Dubai before starting as managing director in our family firm.

Why did you decide for a DBA program?

I wanted to achieve something greater than a master’s degree. I felt that there wer topics not that deeply developed yet, that were of particular interest to me. I also wanted to advance my career and improve my first impression with business contacts by having a title.

Why did you decide for Munich Business School?

Luckily, I got to choose between three different DBA programs. I decided for the MBS and SHU program, because it offered a good package with a fair pricing model. I particularly liked the fact that there were two supervisors for each student (one in Munich and a second supervisor coming from the partner University in Sheffield). The last fact that convinced me was the reputation of Munich Business School.

How was your experience?

It was a very tough time. The first two years with the study blocks and multiple pertinent papers went by very fast. However, this was just the first step. The actual research and thesis writing took a lot longer than initially expected and especially as a part-time DBA student, a high level of commitment is inevitable. I thought it would be easier when I applied for the program. However, after many night shifts, weekends of work, some time-off for writing blocks, and many discussions with my supervisor, I successfully accomplished my viva. Even if there were doubts throughout the writing phase, I knew that it was worth it, the moment I held my certificate with my doctor title in my hands.

How do you benefit from the DBA now?

I have founded a consultancy firm in 2019 and I benefit from the doctor title in my daily business. It provides a good first impression and a higher level of trust in your work.

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