Munich Business School

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


The DBA program offered by Munich Business School and Sheffield Hallam University is a unique opportunity to combine your studies without impacting your career. The part-time program is distinctive for its flexibility and internationalization through the collaboration of both institutions.
We offer an opportunity to take an active part in events where candidates are able to broaden their horizons, network and complement their research by interacting with businesses. We also understand that research is a complex process and in our joint program we offer candidates two supervisors instead of one. This is to maximize the support options our candidates have at their disposal.

Becoming part of the DBA program, you will be able to make the most out of our network which consists of lecturers who connect their passion for education delivery with working in the real business world or research. This guarantees that you become part of a community that shares the most-up-to-date knowledge which is a great benefit considering the research nature of the DBA program.

Teaching ModePart-Time
Length4 Years