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To thrive in today’s complex, internationally competitive business environment, organizations require leaders who possess interdisciplinary knowledge, the ability to think in global terms and the acumen to design systems that shape and respond to worldwide and societal trends.

The Executive Doctorate in Business program offered by the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University helps executives develop these capabilities by teaching them how to apply relevant knowledge and research skills to contemporary business problems.

It also addresses the lifelong learning needs of intellectually active professional adults who already possess advanced degrees in their fields but wish to continue their education to the highest level.

The purpose of the Executive Doctorate in Business program is to advance the development and practice of effective organizational leadership by providing senior-level executives with:

Knowledge and expertise required to identify, understand and successfully tackle the interdisciplinary, big-picture issues that characterize global business management today

Skills in formal social inquiry required to define and address complex issues and to disseminate knowledge related to their profession in a variety of professional and public outlets to influence professional activity and public policy

An interdisciplinary, globally oriented perspective unavailable in traditional advanced degree programs

Teaching ModePart-Time
Tuition Fees

Tuition for the Executive Doctorate in Business Program is currently $109,000 for the three years of the program. Tuition covers all books, materials and necessary research software, an iPad, parking at the Buckhead Center, networking events, graduation, and all meals while in class. Tuition does not cover travel to classes, lodging while in residency, or a laptop computer.

Length3 Years
Application Deadline

The deadline for complete application packets is April 1st or when the class is full, whichever comes first.

Application Procedure

The application is made up of six parts: the application form, a detailed resume, three essays, university transcripts, proof of lawful presence, and application fee. These items can be sent in separately, but your application packet will not be evaluated until each part is sent in and the application fee is paid.