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Address:emlyon business school Asian Campus
200062,2F, Global Education Center
East China Normal University,
3663 North Zhongshan Road, Shanghai, China
Country:France & China
emlyon business school

Studying at the emlyon business school

Since its creation 146 years ago, emlyon business school has been driven by entrepreneurship, innovation and humanism. Our vision and mission are nurtured by our global and digital world. The entrepreneur from emlyon business school is a maker and an early mover. He/she is an early maker.

In today’s world, a “maker” is someone who takes their destiny into their own hands, who shapes and molds their own future. Yet this is not a purely individual approach. On the contrary, it is a collaborative process. In other words, the principle is no longer “Do It Yourself”, but rather “Do It

Together”. This concept perfectly reflects our vision of what an entrepreneur is, i.e. a person who tries, experiments, fails, starts again and learns by doing.

emlyon business school is situated in 6 campuses in 3 continents (Lyon, Shanghai, Saint-Etienne, Casablanca, Paris, Bhubaneswar), has an alumni network of over 31,000 in 121 countries and is home to France’s premier start-up incubator.

The Location

Shanghai (Asian Campus), France & China


In 2018, emlyon business school ranks 2nd among the leading business schools in France of the Global University Employability by Times Higher Education (THE) .

In 2017, the LePoint recognized emlyon business school as the Top 2 leading business schools in France.

It is also ranked 22nd in Europe by the Financial Times in 2017.


Among the select few 1% business schools worldwide, emlyon business school awarded a triple international accreditation (EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA).

Our continuing commitment to the accreditation process and the continuous improvement of our programs guarantee your degree will only grow in value and international renown.

Why to study here

The purpose of our Global DBA Asia Track is to develop scholarly industry leader with the spirit of ‘early makers’.

Our GDBA program participants will open new vistas at academic and industrial settings by starting with phenomena driven research, as well as open up wider perspectives of transnational spaces and east-west cross cultural context for delivering cutting edge research contributing to global growth, digital transformation, innovation and entrepreneurship for a sustainable future. The research knowledge you create will make an impactful contribution to real world organizations, societies and economies.

Participants will benefit from excellent research environments in Europe and Asia to develop a rich intellectual identity. With the business academic culture developed in emlyon business school over a century and under the guidance of outstanding supervisors, you will benefit from individualized learning pathways.

It will be certainly an ambitious decision if you want to participate the DBA study. During the journey to climb intellectual height, the program will undoubtedly help you break through your limitation and enhance your life value.

Professor Junsong CHEN,
Director of GDBA Asia Track
Assistant Dean
emlyon business school Asia