My classmates are so incredibly ambitious and thoughtful.

David Freer, USA
Institution:Florida International University
Program:Doctorate in Business Administration

I am currently in the second year of my DBA program, and I have already recognized many benefits to my life and career. To start with the obvious, I have a much better understanding of how to conduct a research study. My quantitative skills are greatly improved, and I am better equipped to analyze the data collected. I am being guided by renowned scholars, each with a remarkable record of publications. Finally, I have benefited from studying with amazing classmates who are leaders in their fields.

The DBA program introduces both quantitative and qualitative analyses in a sophisticated but accessible manner. As an instructor, my belief is in learning by doing, and that is exactly how we learned statistics. Linear regression, exploratory factor analysis and inferential statistics are not learned by just watching a video. The student needs an opportunity to conduct the analysis and write up a scholarly summary. We have had ample opportunities for meaningful feedback and growth in quantitative analysis.

When I have had questions about any of the content, my professors have been incredibly responsive. Class time is always used productively and filled with intellectual discussions and debates. Students are given ample opportunities to lead discussions with our instructors, ready to offer their insights. Furthermore, the DBA program has given me numerous ideas that I can use in my classroom. If you are an instructor at a two-year or four-year higher learning institution without your doctorate, you will be doing yourself a favor by enrolling in this program . Not only will you gain incredible quantitative and qualitative research skills, but your pedagogy will improve. The professors in the DBA program deeply care about instruction and take teaching seriously.

My classmates are so incredibly ambitious and thoughtful. During the time together, I feel I have learned so much from their wisdom and experience. They represent many different industries: real estate, retail and hospitality - to name a few. Having so many different views makes for lively discussions! The group projects have been so memorable. A current project I am working on with three other classmates involves creating a model for international real estate investment. Learning and growing with my classmates has been a highlight of the program.

For my career, finishing my doctorate will open many doors. In a year, I will be applying for tenure at MDC, and the addition of the degree will certainly help the application. Furthermore, the only way to achieve the title of professor at MDC is to get your doctorate. Finally, the DBA will open the possibility of moving into administrative roles that were previously out of reach. Professionally, the DBA will certainly advance my career.

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